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August 2004

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Can you believe today is the last day of August?  Summer is almost gone.  (Okay, so summer isn't that big of a deal when you are a baby/toddler, but I sure will miss splashing in the pool and taking a nap in the shade by the pool!)
Today was my first full day of day care.  When Mommy came to pick me up, I smiled at her and then went back to playing with my toy.  I didn't want to leave!  I was having too much fun!  Mommy worked at the Gap while I was at "school".  She did miss me, but it wasn't so bad because I had spent time at the day care for the last month.
On Thursday, I go see the developmental pediatrician to see if he thinks I am a BWS child.  Mommy is a little scared that the doctor will think I do have BWS, but she also thinks it would be a relief to have a diagnosis and then go from there.  Even if it isn't BWS, Mommy hopes the doctor will have some insight on what it could be.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
I did something really silly today.  Mommy was trying to put me on the floor on my hands and knees, but I ended up on my feet and hands.  I stayed in that position for about a minute before I decided to reach for a toy.  I reached for the toy without falling over!!!!!  See, another accomlishment that most Mommies wouldn't think to celebrate!
The lady that is going to help me qualify for Medicaid came out today for Mommy to fill out the paper work.  Ironically, her son is sooooooo much like me that it was a little scary.  Her son has Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, and there is a good chance that is what I have based on how many of the symptoms I have.  Wow.  Mommy is hoping that is what I have so that we don't have to keep wondering and getting tests done to try to figure out what is wrong with me.  That syndrome isn't all that bad except that there is a chance of me developing childhood cancer.  That scares Mommy, but if I do have this and would end up developing cancer, the outlook is very, very good for me.  So, it looks like I'll be making a trip to the developmental pediatrician and a geneticist here soon.  We're waiting to hear back from the pediatrician, and Mommy is going to call for a genetics appointment on Wednesday.
Tomorrow is my first day of full-day daycare.  I'll be there from about 8am to 5pm.  I'm going to go full days every Tuesday and Thursday.  I really liked being there the half days, so Mommy hopes I'll like being there all day.  Mommy is a little sad, but I know I'm going to have a blast!!!!!
Today I went from a sitting position onto all fours!!!  Yay!!!!  That's the first time I've ever gotten myself out of a sitting position without falling over.  Mommy was sad that I hadn't done anything new all week.  Dan always asks if I did anything new (with my gross motor skills anyway), and there is usually something to tell him.  Wouldn't you know that I would do something new AFTER my PT appointment!!!  I did that while the speech therapist was here.  I wanted Mommy to hold me, but she wouldn't.  I leaned over and got myself onto all fours as if I had been doing it forever!  Of course, then Mommy wanted to see if I could do it again.  I did it 2 more times in a row!  We then had to get back to speech therapy, but after the therapist left, we kept practicing my new skill.  Mommy was so impressed!
Maybe I'll really get going with this crawling thing soon!  I keep doing things to tease everyone and make them think I'm going to crawl any day now.
I got my first haircut yesterday.  I didn't enjoy it one bit.  Mommy didn't even get to take any pictures because she was trying to pin me down.  That's too bad because I was sitting in this little car with a steering wheel, horn, mirror, and all kinds of noisy buttons to push.  I guess most kids think that is pretty cool, but I just tried to flop myself right out of that car.  We both ended up with hair all over us because I REFUSED to wear an apron!  I have a few "nicks" in my hair from where I turned my head when the lady was trying to clean up the ends.  My hair does look better, but now Mommy is sad that another first has come and gone.
Yesterday was my official 14 month birthday!  It made Mommy a little sad because most 14 month olds are walking around and getting into everything.  But, then again, she thinks it's nice to be able to go to the bathroom alone.
I'm still trying so hard to crawl and pull up.  Some days are better than others, and I refuse to show off in front of any of my therapists!  Mommy thinks I'll be able to crawl within the next 2 months as long as I keep practicing.  I probably won't walk for awhile because I'm very wobbly in my trunk.  I'm a pro at the "finger" walking.  Sometimes I take Mommy for walks around the house for no apparent reason other than just to walk around.  I always have a big smile on my face when I'm walking her around the house! 
This morning Mommy and Daddy both came in to my room when I woke up.  Daddy was on his way out the door for work, but decided to go peek in at me before he left because I was awake.  They both came in to see me up on all fours!  Yay for me!!  I haven't been doing this much all week, so Mommy was very excited!  I tried to crawl to Mommy, but I ended up flopping down on my belly.  Before you know it, I'll be zooming all over the place!!
Mommy got so excited today when I got myself on all fours!  I was playing on my belly and started whining for Mommy to come get me.  We've been doing this thing for several weeks where she puts her hands out, I grab them (one hand at a time), and then she helps me up by helping me get on my knees and then helping me pull to a stand.  Well, today when she came to rescue me, I got up on my hands and knees all by myself!!!  She started jumping up and down and saying "YAAAAAAY" with a big smile and lots of clapping!  I started smiling too!  Then I moved backwards in a crawl 2 whole motions!  YAAAAAAY for me!!!!  Maybe this means I'll learn how to crawl soon!  Mommy hopes so!
I started "school" last Tuesday.  I'll be going Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours in the morning.  Mommy is excited for me to be around other kids.  It is a daycare, but it's at a place for special needs kids.  Kids that aren't special needs can go there too.  Mommy thought this would be a good place for me because the teachers know how to take care of kids that need a little more intervention.  I think I'm the youngest one in my class.  (You have to be at least 10 or 12 months to be there.)  Mommy stayed with me for the first hour both days, and I got so sleepy!  Whew!  Those other kids have so much energy!!  But, it looks like I'm having a good time when I'm there.  At the end of August, the half-day program ends and I'll have to be in a full-day program.  Mommy has to find a job if I'm going to go for 2 full days because it costs a lot more than the half-day program!  Oh well, I'm sure she can find something!

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