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When I Reached My Milestones

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At 1 month I...said "I"  and "ah goo" and later started smiling when I cooed at my Mommy!
At 4 months I...laughed a big belly laugh!
At 5 months I...tried rolling over.  I could do it with some help.
At 8 months I...learned how to sit up straight in my Boppy for a few seconds.
At 9 months pretty good at sitting up in my Boppy and I also started drinking from a sippy cup.
At 10 months I...started eating table food and using my pincer grasp to pick up small pieces of food.
At 11 months I...said "dadada" and "bububu".
At 13 months I...started clapping and splashing in the water.  My way of clapping is to use my left hand to slap my right arm.  (Hey, Dan and Jamie say it counts!)  I also started walking with assistance.
At 14 months on all fours but really wasn't able to get anywhere once I was up there.
At 15 months I...started army crawling and a few weeks later started crawling on all fours and getting in and out of a sitting position.
At 19 months I...pulled to a stand and soon afterwards was able to stand unassisted.  Shortly after that, I started cruising around the furniture.
At  20 months I...learned to sign "more".  That was the first sign I learned.
At 21 months I...said my first word, learned to crawl all the way up the stairs by myself, and started walking unassisted!
At 22 months I...clapped my hands together (instead of hitting my right arm wtih my left hand) and played peek-a-boo covering my eyes with my hands.
At 23 months I...was walking really well unassisted.
My speech is delayed because I wasn't able to hear for who knows how long.  I did pass my newborn screening test when I was 1 month old.  I had my adenoids and tonsils removed about 2 weeks before my first birthday, so I've only been able to hear clearly for almost 2 months now.  Click here to read about my surgery.

Driving in my car! (23 months old)

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