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Fall 2005

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Can you tell that I am swamped?!  I just looked at the last time I updated Garrett's sight, and it was on July 8.  I thought I had written in the journal only a month ago, but apparantly not.  Maybe I thought about writing in the journal and then didn't.  *Sigh*  Life with 2 little boys can be so crazy!
There really isn't much news to report.  Garrett lost some "words", but after I freaked out about it and talked to his ST, the next day he was saying them again.  Go figure.  I guess he was concentrating on other things and just didn't have time to think about talking more.  I feel like his speech and fine motor skills are his most delayed skills right now.  He can do the goofy toddler run now, which just amazes me.  He went from barely walking to running in a very short time.  He still falls down quite a bit when he runs and walks, but I've seen typical children his age trip over air too.  It seems like he focuses a lot of energy on gross motor, so I'm hoping he'll start working more on the fine motor skills and language in the next few months.
I know Garrett is learning tons of new things every day.  He is able to recognize lots of objects, understands the sounds different animals make, can follow a few simple commands, etc.  This is what he should be learning right now, but I have to admit that I found all of the physical milestones to be more exciting.  It's great that he's learning more, but it's just not as evident that he's making progress when I'm not waiting on a huge milestone like walking.  I think he's only about 6 months behind for cognitive skills.  I'm starting to think maybe he really will catch up in that area by the time he goes to school.  My fingers are crossed!
I have to put in some info on Rylan because he's a fun little guy too!  I've been trying to give Rylan baby food, and it is not an easy process at all.  He absolutely hates the cereals!  I tried mixing them with different temperatures of water and breastmilk, but I get the same reaction from him every time.  I gave up on the cereal yesterday and mashed up part of a banana.  Score!  He loved it!  He actually ate some of it instead of spitting it out!  I am going to try mixing the cereal with apple juice and see if he'll eat that.  If not, I guess I'll just move on to fruits and mix some cereal in with them after I test each fruit for allergies. 
Also, I wanted to say that Rylan is doing things now that Garrett didn't do until he was 6 months or older.  It's so weird to see him grabbing at things and sticking them in his mouth.  I try to give him infant toys like teethers and rattles, but Garrett usually ends up stealing them from Rylan!  Garrett is so excited about the teethers and rattles, probably because they are "new".

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