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My Hypotonia Story

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My Hypotonia Story
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Before We Knew about My Hypotonia...
When I was born, no one noticed anything unusual about me.  Mommy was a little concerned about my slightly crinkled ear, but the pediatrician told her it was nothing to worry about.
I have a cousin 2 weeks younger than me, and Mommy noticed that I always seemed a little floppy compared to her.  She didn't think much of it though because I seemed to be doing all the same things she did until around 6 months of age.  Mommy just assumed it was because all babies are different and that I just wasn't interested in some things.  I have been a laid-back little guy since the day I was born (taking after my Daddy!), so Mommy just thought that's why I wasn't interested in doing some of the things my cousin was doing.
When I was about 7 months old, Mommy began to worry that I couldn't sit up unassisted for even 1 second.  She didn't worry too much about it because all of the books said it was normal for some babies to not be able to sit up until 9 months old.  Right before I turned 9 months I was able to sit up in my Boppy pillow for short periods of time.  At my 9 month well baby visit, Mommy told the pediatrician of her concerns.  The pediatrician agreed that I should be sitting better than I was and referred us to our state's Early Intervention program.  She mentioned hypotonia (low muscle tone), which is a term Mommy saw on a message board after she posted a message about her concerns.  She was terrified to call early intervention.  Her biggest fear was that someone was going to tell her there was something wrong with her wonderful baby.  She made the call which turned out to be a very positive action for me as well as for my Mommy.
Recently, Mommy has been talking to other mommies of hypotonic kids.  One thing she now realizes that she didn't think was a big deal before is that I was a messy nurser.  When I was first born, she would have to put a bib on me, a burb cloth on her lap, and a nursing pad in the nursing bra or milk would be everywhere.  She now realizes that this is a BIG clue of hypotonia.  I never did take a bottle really.  Mommy isn't sure if that is because of my hypotonia or just because there weren't many times when I needed to take a bottle.
Even though I was so messy, I gained weight just fine.  I was in the lower percentiles for my weight, but I never fell below the 10th percentile.  My little brother is following my growth pattern, so Mommy now thinks I was doing just fine despite the hypotonia!  Mommy can't remember what percentile I am in now at age 3, but she thinks I was around the 50th percentile (whatever the percentile is for a 3 year old weighing 34.8 pounds).

WALKING!!! (23 months old)

My Stats:
Birthday:  June 17, 2003
Birth Weight:  8 pounds 3 ounces
Birth Length:  20 inches
3 Years Weight:  34.8 pounds
3 Years Height:  39 inches

My first trip to Disney World - 7 months old

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