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When I was about 7 months old, my Mommy started to worry that I wasn't a "normal" baby.  (But, in my defense, who really is normal anymore?  Hee hee!)  I couldn't sit up for even a second without assistance, and that bothered her.  Everything she read said that I should be able to sit for short periods of time without assistance.  Everything also said that it could take some babies until 9 months of age to do it, so she decided not to freak out until then.  She did keep it in the back of her mind that maybe something was wrong.  That's a Mommy's job.  I'm glad she paid attention because, as it turns out, I'm not "normal".
I was in Kentucky's Early Intervention program receiving physical therapy (PT), speech therapy (ST) and developmental intervention (DI) once a week and occupational therapy (OT) every other week.  I made slow but steady progress.  When I first started PT at 10 months old, I couldn't sit unassisted for more than 2 seconds.  A year later, I was WALKING all by myself!!  That is great progress for a low tone child!  My fine motor skills and speech aren't so great right now, but we're working on them!
Now that I am 3, I will be going to preschool in the fall!  I am getting PT, OT, and ST once a week and will continue that even when preschool starts.

Running in the park! (2 years old)

Speaking of choosing a special mom
God says, "Yes, there is a woman I will
 bless with a child 'less than perfect. '
She doesn't realize it yet, but she is to be envied.
 She will never take for granted a spoken word.
She will never consider a step 'ordinary'.
When her child say's 'Momma' for the first time,
she will be present at a miracle and know it!
I will permit her to see clearly the things I see
 -ignorance, cruelty, prejudice - and allow her
to rise above them. She will never be alone.
I will be at her side every day of her
 life because she is doing My work."

2 Years Old!

My Most Recent Accomplishments
  • Sleeping in my big boy bed
  • Started saying Mommy, Daddy, Mamaw, and Papaw
  • Went down the slide all by myself
  • Ate my yogurt with a spoon (but I'm still really messy!)
  • Started potty training (this will take awhile, but I like sitting on the potty and saying pee pee, poo poo)
  • Walking in the grass without falling over

As you can see, every little accomplishment is celebrated in my house.  Mommy takes nothing for granted that I can do because she remembers a time when she was scared I would never be able to do everything most people can do. 

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