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January 2005

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It's a new year!  Garrett has been making more progress.  He is currently going through what I now refer to as a "light bulb phase".  He seems to have bursts of progress that span several days.  He is now pulling to a stand in his crib.  I think he needs to be able to completely wrap his hands around something before he can pull himself up.  I don't think it will be long before he's pulling up on the coffee table, kitchen chairs, and other sturdy objects.  We even had to FINALLY lower the mattress in his crib!  Woo hoo!  What an exciting thing for me!
Garrett is also walking with a walking toy!  He won't do it all the time though.  His feet aren't quite fast enough to keep up with how much he pushes, but I don't think it will take him long to figure it out.  It gives me hope that he'll be walking or at least be very close to walking by the time the baby is born at the end of May.
As for language, there is progress in that area as well.  He is responding to his name nearly 100% of the time, understanding more of what we say, and doing more babbling that sounds like he is trying to say real words.  He is also making eye contact more often.
And now for some bad news.  Not about Garrett but about a little girl on the hypotonia board where I post.  She died on Saturday.  :(  It's so sad.  She had a metabolic disorder.  Her mommy was completely devoted to her and doing everything she could to help her.  They live in VA but were going to be traveling very soon to Spain to see a doctor that could help treat her illness.  There wasn't a cure for her metabolic disorder, but this doctor thought there were things that could help prolong her life and her quality of life.  The little girl's name is Teagyn.  It's so heartbreaking!!

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