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May 2005

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I didn't get to update this as soon as I wanted to because I had a not so wonderful experience with pre-term labor.  At 34 weeks, I was having contractions and was admitted to the hospital for 2 days to stop my labor.  I'm now safely at 37 weeks, so little Rylan can come any day now!!
Now an update on much has happened since I last wrote anything here!  Let's see if I can do a quick overview. 
He now has 12 teeth, and I think the last 4 might be coming soon.  I can see the outline of the them on the top, but his teeth always take their sweet time coming in. 
Garrett loves getting in and out of his ball pit all by himself, and he especially enjoys throwing all of the balls out of the ball pit! 
He has perfected crawling up the stairs and now wants us to hold his hands so that he can walk up the stairs.  He's too afraid to try to go down the stairs by himself right now. 
He is now clapping with his hands instead of hitting his right arm with his left hand.  Within days of learning to clap correctly, he started playing peek-a-boo by covering his eyes with both hands.  (He has played peek-a-boo for awhile by holding something over his face.)
The month of March was insanely busy.  Garrett had check-up visits with all of his doctors.  We did a few more blood draws, and of course, everything was normal.  The neurologist did not seem to think Garrett's issues and brain abnormality were anything to be alarmed about.  He thought the road we were already on was appropriate and didn't see a need to see Garrett more than once or twice a year.  I know that could change in the future, but it was good news to hear that he didn't see anything from a neurological standpoint that worried him.  Garrett saw the opthamalogist, and his left eye is still slightly near sighted but unchanged from the previous 3 months.  (That was also good glasses yet!)  The geneticist feels that he has done just about everything he can do.  He does want to continue to follow Garrett once or twice a year.  I guess you can say that we aren't really searching for a diagnosis anymore.  I'm ok with that now because we have exhausted just about all testing.  There is still the muscle biopsy, but I don't plan to have that done unless someone tells me they will find something or that it is very likely they will find something.
The biggest news of all....GARRETT IS WALKING!!!  He took his first steps at the end of March.  It was more of a shuffle than actually lifting his feet off the floor.  It's been about 7 weeks, and he's now walking more than crawling.  I know he still has a long way to go before he's walking really well, but I'm amazed at the progress he makes every day.  He came home from daycare yesterday and had more balance than I've ever seen.  He is doing even better today!  I'm still surprised every time I turn around and see him walking towards me.  His language and cognitive skills also are getting better.  It's typical of him to gain in all areas once a gross motor milestone is reached!
That's all for now!  I just got off bed rest today, so there's so much I need to do!

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